Fritch Police Department

Message from the Chief


The dedicated men and women of the Fritch Police Department serve the city with distinction and strive to offer the highest quality of service to the citizens of Fritch.

The Fritch Police Department has adopted the following motto "COURTEOUS - FAIR - PROFESSIONAL"

Listed first is Courteous, and is one of the most important words listed in the motto. Courteous is characterized by graciousness, good manners, consideration toward, and respect for others. I believe that citizens expect courtesy foremost from Police officers.

Fair is being impartial, free of favoritism, and bias. In addition, fairness is consistent with rules, logic, or ethics.

The word Professional is having a great skill or experience in a particular field. Professionalism is achieved through continuing training and education. The public can perceive your level of professionalism in your actions and appearance.

The Fritch Police Department motto embodies our ideals as a professional law enforcement agency.


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