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Fallen is a project being undertaken by a crew of sworn law enforcement officers. It is a documentary film focusing on the growing line-of-duty death rate in the US. Please check out our site and join the effort.

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Sept 27 - 28, 2014

1st Responsders Weekend - Pumpkin Fest

Siegel's Cottonwood Farm
Lockport, IL

Siegel's Cottonwood Farm continues tradition and is proud to pay tribute to America's military and First Responders over the opening weekends of Pumpkin Fest 2014. The Siegel's family welcomes all military and 1st responders to come to the farm and harvest some memories.

Military weekend Sept 20-21, 2014 -- All military personnel along with their spouse, and children will receive free admission with a valid military ID. Bring your cameras for special guest appearances by the characters "Frozen" (Sat 1-3 p.m.) and Svengoolie (Sun 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.).

1st Responders weekend Sept 27-28, 2014 -- All firefighters, police officers and EMT's along with their spouses and children will receive free admission. Photo opportunities with and autographs from Rapunzel, Sophie the First, and Jake the Pirate (Sat 1-3 p.m.) and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Donatello, Raphael and Michael Angelo (Sun 1-3 p.m.) will be available.

General admission tickets includes over 20 attractions including:
* Farm animals to pet and feed
* Hayrack ride to the pumpkin field
* Train rides and slides
* Two cornfield mazes featuring Cubs' Wrigley Field 100th Anniversary and Spookley the Square Pumpkin

Pony rides, Zombie Paintball Ride, Jumpin Blob Jamboree, Gem Mining, Climbing Wall and Spooky Spiral are available for a small additional fee. An array of food will be available from smoked turkey legs to apple cider doughnuts to homemade pie slices.

Pumpkin Fest is open daily from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. including Columbus Day, Sept 20th thru Nov 1st.

For more information contact:
Kaity Siegel At 815-741-2693, via email at or by visiting the website at
Siegel's Cottonwood Farm is located at 17250 S. Weber Road, Lockport, IL.

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Event Email:

November 4 - 6, 2014

SSI's 9th Annual Homeland Security Professionals Conference and Expo

Florida Hotel and Conference Center
Orlando, FL

This year's Theme: Better Tools to Mitigate Terrorism and Violent Crime

Specific presentations on the following:
Next Generation in Behavior Analysis * Terrorism Funding - The many different scenarios * Personal and Professional Resilience: Are you Ready * Active shooters - profiling mass killers * Survival against a Suicide Bomber * Human Trafficking the Terror Nexus * Medical Response to a Terrorist incident * Future Threats to Homeland Security * Transit System employees - Training to prevent an incident and much more to be announced

Click here to get more details including info about speakers and the subject matter-

We have a significant discount of only $299.99 through June 30th, 2014, take advantage soon! Please forward to anyone that could benefit from our conference.

Discount good through June 30th click here- Conf registration discount

Printable Flyer click here- Conference Flyer

Hotel Info- The Florida Hotel and Conference Center (If you are calling to reserve, simply mention, you are part of the Security Solutions International conference)- If you're registering online, here is our Link for The Florida Hotel and Conference Center to secure your discount-

We hope you can join us this year!

November 19 - 20, 2014

Training Conference

203 South Front St.
New Bern, NC

Training Conference
Underwater Forensics ~ Crime Scene Investigation
New Bern Riverfront Convention Center
203 South Front St., New Bern, NC 28563

Presented by:
Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologists International:
November 19, 20 ~ 2014

Hotel Reservations:
Conference Contact: Mack S. House Jr. ~ 828-380-9955 Skype # 828-680-0298

Who should attend: Medical Examiners/forensic pathologists & related personnel, Law Enforcement Divers, Diver Tenders and support personnel, Crime Scene Investigators, Law Enforcement Professionals, Registered nurses, Forensic Nurses, EMS Professionals and other investigation personnel, who are interested in learning more about crime scene evaluation, documentation, Diver Safety and the pathology/ physiology of submerged victim/victims.

Learning Objectives,

* The objective of the CSIDT training conference is to improve Safety Standards and procedures in Safe Diving Operations and Protocols, as each apply to the Crime Scene Investigation of the submerged victim or victims.
* Working with law enforcement officers, land based csi personnel and first responders, in a concerted effort to provide the most professional, comprehensive investigation possible.
* To increase the knowledge base of the Diver and Team regarding precautionary considerations in pre-contamination and de-contamination protocols.
* To provide each attendee with a clearer understanding of Human Anatomy as it applies to the submerged victim or victims.
* To provide each attendee with documentation procedures that will best prepare them for testifying in court. Was a Warrant needed prior to the investigation?
* Understanding the importance of "Authorized Chain of Custody" and how to minimize cross contamination.

All participants will receive:

Beverages and snacks, Training Manuals© and related materials, Case review Documentation example forms, Power Point text overview; Certificate of Completion.

Registration ends November 14, 2014 $195.00
Early Registration: on or before October 30, 2014 $175.00
Groups of 3 or more, by October 30, 2014 $160.00

Speaker: Mack S. House Jr. CSIDT- International
Published Author : Underwater Forensics Research Commercial Scientific Diving, Active Member of: Forensic Experts Inc, International Crime Scene Investigators Association []; International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners, Worldwide Association of Women Forensic Experts, FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development, South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Standards Unit- Institutional Provider. Also Located: Face book; LinkedIn;;

Approved for CEU's: Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services; NC Law Enforcement: Alabama; South Carolina LEO; Georgia LEO; National Registry EMT personnel:
May be approved by "POST" in other states: CSIDT ~ International

Key course benefits:
Crime Scene Protocols are extremely important before and during the investigation of any submerged victim. Diver Safety protocols and procedures cannot be overstated; therefore, by providing a thorough review on each topic, independently, a clearer understanding of each topic will soon become valuable. Case studies have been added so that the attendee can relate to the circumstances and initiate the documentation process methodically and thoroughly.
Each attendee is provided with a comprehensive study guide.
Note: Power Point presentations contain graphic images for clarification purposes.

"The recovery of human remains or submerged victim is no different than any other crime scene investigation. You still have a crime scene, a victim and a suspect". Hayden Baldwin ~ retired Illinois State Police ~
A Crime Scene is First a Medical concern and then Legal.
Disclosures to Participants:
* The planners and presenter(s)/author(s) of this course have declared no real or perceived conflicts of interest that relate to this educational activity.
* Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologists International guarantees the content of these educational activities are free from bias.
* Accredited status does not imply endorsement by any commercial products displayed in conjunction with this activity.
* No commercial support has influenced the planning of the educational objectives or the content of this activity.
* There is no endorsement of any product by the provider or CSIDTI International, associated with this activity.
* It is expected that no presentation will relate to products governed by the Food and Drug Administration. But, during the course of this activity, if there is discussion related to such products, FDA-approved and non-approved uses will be disclosed to participants.
* CSIDT-I activities do not include any unannounced information about off-label use of a product for a purpose other than that for which is approved.
* Crime Scene Investigator Diver Technologists International is not associated with any other diver training organization or group.

Agenda Schedule and Course Content - Day 1

* 08:00 AM Registration Photo I.D. Required
* 08:30 AM Technology at the Water's Edge. The Crime Scene Investigator
Diver Technologist and the Land Based Crime Scene Investigator.
Discriminate the role of the CSI and CSIDT in changing
Investigative procedures and protocols as they relate to
interdisciplinary teamwork, job description and environment.
* 09:30 AM Break
* 09:45 AM Professional Excellence in Underwater Forensic Science.
O.S.H.A. Commercial Scientific Diving and the Association of
Diving Contractors International, are the Minimum Standards for the
CSIDT, in establishing Safe Diving Practices and Safe Diving.
Operations. Why Hooks Law? Pathology and Physiology.
Exothermic and Diver Life Support Systems.
* 10:45 AM Break
* 11:00 AM Precipitating Events ~ the importance of First Responders-
Fire Dept. & EMS.
Strategies that maximize the Diver Technologist practices, as it
relates to Professional and Ethical Standards including confidentiality.
* 12:00 PM Lunch [ on your own ]
* 1:00 PM Racial, Religious, Gender and Cultural Considerations. The "CSI Effect".
Documentation, Evidence, Chain of Custody and Professional
Ethics. Photographic and Recorded Documentation.
* 1:45 PM Break
* 2:00 PM Case 071705013
* Technically focused and devoid of artifact.
* Photographic and Recorded Documentation
* Why is Evidence Excluded?
* 3:10 PM Break
* 3:25 PM Case 249106674
* Environmental/contamination Considerations
* Unknown medical History.
* Overview of the Stages of Decomposition and Environmental biological contamination
* Confidentiality; Should HIPAA be included?
* 4:10 PM Break
* 4:25 PM Identify the leadership requisites of the Crime Scene Investigator Diver
* 5:00 PM Open forum ~ Adjournment

Schedule and Course Content - Day 2

* 8:00 AM Registration Photo I.D. Required
* 8:30 AM
* Review and summation of day one. The transformation and practice in achieving a positive and Safe Diving investigation.
* 9:00 AM Case 13172384
* Pharmacological ~ Ingested, Injected, Absorbed or Inhaled.
* Non-Pharmacological ~ implanted, ingested, injected, inhaled and inserted.
* 10:15 AM Break
* 10:30 AM Case 97899325
* Rx ~ why Metronidazole?
* 11:15 AM Break
* 11:30 AM
* Nysten's Law, Cadaveric Spasm.
* 12:00 PM Lunch ~ [ on your own ]
* 1:00 PM Case 4747199803
* Containment of the Victim and Evidence.
* Variables in the Body cooling rate.
* Medication and Post Mortem Wounding
* 2:00 PM Break
* 2:15 PM Surfacing the Victim ~ and maintaining "stability".
* 2:30 PM Case11061211UK
* BPPV, a concern for the diver?
* The question~ Sensual Deprivation?
* PTSD and Suicide in Law Enforcement.
* Long Term Side Effects associated with CSI.
* Anxiety, panic, critical Incident - often underestimated.
* 3:10 PM Break
* 3:25 PM Why is Understanding the importance of solving both theoretical and
practical problems associated with underwater crime scene investigations so
* 3:45 PM Safe Diving~ Job Hazard Evaluation regarding Biological and
Chemical Hazardous Diving Operations. Considerations regarding potential contaminants associated with an unknown victim who does not have an
available medical history (known or by family).
* 4:30 PM Open forum Award Certificates and Adjournment

ALL programs must be attended in their entirety in order to receive certificate of completion.

Registration for New Bern Conference
Registration ends November 14, 2014
Attendees must show a current Photo ID upon check-in.

Registration ends November 14, 2014
Regular registration: $195.00
Early Registration: on or before October 30, 2014 $175.00
Groups of 3 or more, by October 30, 2014 $160.00

REGISTRATION METHODS: ONLINE, Regular Mail and Phone Registration.

PayPal payments:
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click "Send Money." Refer to registration selection ~
3. Enter and the amount
4. Select Purchase" or "Personal," then choose the reason for the payment.
5. Please indicate: New Bern conference.
6. Click "Continue."
7. Review the amount, the payment method, and shipping address.
8. Add a message (New Bern), and then click "Send Money."

By Mail: U.S.P.S.
Regular Mail: Must be received by November 12, 2014
Make Checks Payable to:
Mack S. House Jr.
PO Box 519; Castlewood, Va 24224

CSIDT International:
New Bern Registration Form

FIRST NAME:_________________________________________

LAST NAME:__________________________________________

AGENCY or AFFILIATION: _____________________________

ADDRESS: ___________________________________________

CITY: STATE: ZIP: __________________________________

COUNTRY: ___________________________________________

PHONE: E-MAIL:______________________________________

Name as it is to appear on Certificate of Completion


At the door Registration:

Debit and Credit cards will be accepted on the morning of the Conference during regular registration.

Event Website:
Event Email:

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