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The Town of Cohutta Municipal Court utilizes the State of Georgia mandated driver's license point system for infractions involving traffic violations. Below is the State of Georgia driver's license point system:


Violations for driving "TOO FAST FOR CONDITIONS" under Georgia Code 40-6-180 DO NOT carry any points on your drivers license. There are ZERO POINTS for this violation. However, if you're cited for "SPEEDING" under Georgia Code 40-6-181 or any other moving violations as outlined by Georgia Law, then the points will be assessed as the above DDS chart outlines. The Georgia Department of Driver Services does not assess points for driving too fast for conditions at this time.

There are many rules in place for point assessments regarding motor vehicles, commercial vehicles and other forms of transportation (bicycles, pedestrians, motorized carts and chairs, scooters, motorcycles etc....) as outlined by the Official Code of Georgia Annotated and DDS Rules. Points MAY OR MAY NOT be assessed based on different violations and/or forms of transportation. The Cohutta Municipal Court electronically transmits their citations to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) and other state/federal reporting agencies upon adjudication of the citation, and the DDS will place points on the drivers licenses as prescribed and outlined by Georgia Law.

For more information regarding the Georgia Mandated Drivers License point system and how it affects you and your drivers license/privileges you can go to the DDS website at the below link:
Georgia Department of Driver Services

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