Benedictine University Police Department


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October 2006 Issue 2


BU Police were on the scene to introduce ourselves to the campus community. BU Police Officers, Sgt. Paul Creekmore and Officer Sharon Rizzi brought the University's primary police vehicle, a 2005 Ford Explorer into the quad for the community to see the equipment we carry. This allowed students to become familiar with its appearance and also turned it into a beacon for students to notice the new University Police


BU Police were on hand in the Public Safety office to greet students who came in for their passport stamps during the KRASA Experience. Public Safety gave away pamphlets on responsible use of alcohol and fire safety. Public Safety also gave away alcohol safety calculators which inform motorists if they are legally intoxicated and can't drive.

Noise Complaints...

The Department of Public Safety has received numerous noise complaints (loud music) at various locations at the Residence Halls and Founders Woods.

BU Police are asking for students to please be respectful of your neighbors. University Police will forward complaints of repeat violators to Residence Life, for appropriate action.

Parking and Traffic Enforcement


University Police have stopped over (50) motorists for stop sign violations on campus. BU Public Safety up to this point has been issuing warnings. University Police will no longer issue warnings for stop sign violators.

Stop sign violators create great safety risks to the motoring public and pedestrians on campus.

Remember to come to a COMPLETE STOP. DO NOT ROLL through a stop sign or DISREGARD it.


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