Baton Rouge City
Constable's Office

Reginald R Brown, Sr

233 St Louis Street
Room # B-46
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802
Phone: (225)389-3004
Fax: (225)389-3029

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The Constable is an official elected by the citizens of the City of Baton Rouge. His role is to preserve the public peace, execute the process of Baton Rouge City Court, and discharge other functions assigned by law.

While the City Constable works with other units of local government, he is, to great extent, independent of any direction from them and carries out his duties according to the dictates of the laws under which he operates, similar to that of the Sheriff.

The City Constable answers to the courts of the municipality from which he is elected.

The forty-one fulltime commissioned deputies of the Baton Rouge City Constable's Office work together to live up to the Office's motto of "Service Above and Beyond".