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AdvanceTec New Generation Chargers
  A New Generation of the original AdvanceTec Negative Pulse Technology Conditioning Charger and Analyzer, well known among Public Safety First Responders all across America and worldwide, has been released after successful series of testing.

Miami, Florida - As of May 16, 2006, Public Safety First Responders in addition to our extensive list of loyal users nationwide and throughout the international arena, will now be able to take advantage of our second generation Negative Pulse Technology (Software based) Battery Maintenance Solution System units, a brand new concept product created by AdvanceTec Industries, Inc.

This new technology will benefit members of all walks of life that presently are using equipment with rechargeable batteries. This units will safely Analyze/Condition/Charge NiCd, NiMH and Lithium batteries.

The markets that we cover include the public safety sector, state/local and federal agencies, schools board districts and universities, hospital administrators and EMS rescue, first responder's personnel like sheriff, police and fire departments, National Guard and D.O.T's, as well as others.

Offering this Negative Pulse technology and keeping the customer's battery life expectancy to about three times the present one, AdvanceTec Industries wishes to focus on the most painful fact of battery maintenance program, which is precisely its short battery life.

This software based Negative Pulse Technology allows users to monitor in real time the charging and conditioning process of the battery. Connected to a PC or a Laptop, the program will show on the screen the charging state (Charging/Maintenance mode/Analyzing/Charge complete) the battery current, the battery voltage, the charge voltage, the phase time and the remaining capacity in your battery. The real time display provides a final analysis of the charging and conditioning results upon completion.

The software program provided with the unit offers the choice of a capacity check of the batteries being processed, single or 4 stations, allowing the user to request the analyzing feature with up to 3 cycles, finalizing by displaying the life capacity left over in your battery. The program will keep a testing log on any battery that is identified for history storage purposes.

Real time information mentioned above will also be displayed on a color graph for ease of visualization of the process. All this, for a fraction of the cost of any available unit in the industry.

When functioning as a Negative Pulse Reconditioning charger, we employ our well thought Inflection point cut off as the primary charge termination method, controlling the heat built up in the battery. Multiple secondary termination methods ensure safe charge termination with the highest level of accuracy and preventing irreversible damage to the batteries.

The new AdvanceTec product line is able to perform the same features on Lithium-Ion batteries as well. These special characteristics result from the extreme accuracy with which our system can measure the different parameters during the charging process of the Lithium-Ion battery in particular.

By constantly monitoring the exact electrical status of the battery we can perform charging processes of very high efficiency, not common in the Lithium-Ion field.

This is the most advanced Lithium-Ion charger available in the market today and has become the perfect solution to your battery maintenance needs.

AdvanceTec Industries will showcase our newest products at the EMS Fire House show 2007 in Orlando, FL; the IWCE 2008 in Las Vegas, NV; and the APCO 2008 in Kansas City, For more information, contact René Figueroa @ (800) 881 8211 x 102


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