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GeoComm Releases GeoLynx Sync Advanced, an add on to current GeoLynx Sync Basic
  July 1, 2010

St. Cloud, MN: GeoComm is pleased to announce that GeoLynx Sync will now be available in two ways: GeoLynx Sync Basic and GeoLynx Sync Advanced. GeoLynx Sync is a straight forward administrative tool for providing software configuration updates or GIS data updates to client workstations in a PSAP environment.

GeoLynx Sync Advanced, an add-on to GeoLynx Sync Basic, enables one-way, change-only GIS data updates to be transferred to the workstations rather than the entire GIS data set. Since only minimum data is now being transferred over the network, GeoLynx Sync Advanced is designed for easier use and management than previous versions. Built using ESRI ArcSDE, this product creates a quicker and more seamless transition to the new files.

Top New Features:

* New advanced mode allows GIS departments to replicate only the updates to the GIS data using ESRI ArcSDE technology out to PSAPs

* Easily view client status updates

* Updates are automatically downloaded to clients in the background which allows a quicker and more seamless transition to the new files

* Fully supports Windows 7 in 32-bit and 64-bit environment

* Multi-PSAP implementations features have been integrated into the GeoLynx Sync platform allowing those sites to have a consistent feel and operation as one PSAP implementations

* Increased platform stability on the Microsoft .NET framework

GeoLynx Sync offers a seamless, scheduled, monitored updating process rather than pieced together file transfer processes or the need to go to each workstation. For more information on GeoLynx Sync Advanced visit:

About GeoComm: GeoComm is dedicated to public safety; it is all we do. A public safety consulting, GIS, and software development firm, we know the process to reach a goal is sometimes as important as the outcome. We partner with you to guide the project and meet your objectives. Over the past 15 years, GeoComm has been at the forefront of understanding and implementing public safety communications systems, GIS systems, and industry-leading software. As an ESRI business partner, GeoComm uses the latest GIS technologies for data and software development.

GeoComm's Family of Products provides the tools necessary to speed and enhance emergency response. These tools reduce response times, improve data accuracy and quality, accelerate communications, and provide mission critical GIS-based decision support.


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