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Miguel Caballero USA Announces Official U.S. Distribution of Miguel Caballero Clothing
  Bulletproof fashion by Colombian clothier brings security and added style to the U.S.

Miami, Fla. - Miguel Caballero USA was named an official distributor of internationally acclaimed bulletproof clothing label Miguel Caballero. U.S. customers can now purchase Miguel Caballero products directly from offices out of Miami, Florida. In addition, Miami was chosen as a key location for distributions in the United States for its connections with Latin America and its reputation as an entry point for domestic and international travelers.

The current Miguel Caballero USA website will soon feature an interactive display of Miguel Caballero's latest tactical and fashion collections. Company news, product updates, videos, and further information on ballistic protection are already available.

Over the years, Miguel Caballero has gained international recognition for fusing bulletproof technology and fashion. His distinctly chic yet discreetly armored designs have been worn by public leaders, celebrities and corporate executives across the globe. From Italian leather jackets to fresh summer Polo tshirts, each article is made with hi-tech textiles and finished with fine design details for the style yet security conscious client.

Tailored bulletproof clothing lines have also been designed for government institutions and private security groups of law enforcement, military, investigation and value transportation. These armored lines incorporate in their design the use of guns, radios and other weaponry with multifunctional pockets and adaptable carriers to meet the demands of missions in different environments.

About Miguel Caballero USA

Miguel Caballero USA officially distributes Miguel Caballero bulletproof clothing in the United States.

About Miguel Caballero

The focus of Miguel Caballero is to preserve the life. For more than 14 years, bulletproof clothing designer Miguel Caballero has been dedicated to producing specialized and armored personal protection solutions for an international client base that includes law enforcement, military personnel, world leaders and VIPs. Each body armor system from Miguel Caballero is tailored to the client's personal and security needs.



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