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Cocke County Sheriff's Department

About Us

Cocke County is the first and last county you will see entering and exiting the state of North Carolina in the state of Tennessee. Cocke County Sheriff's Department has been an active department since around the 1800's and have around 458 square miles to patrol and forty thousand people to protect with only 22 deputies to do it with. As a county we have had our up and downs in this century, but we wouldn't trade all of the good works that have taken place in the past for anything. There is a lot of good Law Enforcement officers in our county but we are most definately under paid. Our officers start out at around 18,500.00 a year and you probably will stay at that amount for around five years or until you might get a raise if the c.l.b. will vote for you to get one. Cocke County now has a great sheriff to take control of what is going on and has great working ethics with each citizen of this county. His officers look up to him and they respect him with a lot of trust! Have any questions about our department or our county feel free to contact us at 423-623-6004.

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