Aledo ISD Police Department

Mission Statement

The Aledo Independent School District Police Department was developed to provide a safer educational environment for students, faculty and staff of our ever growing district. It strives to achieve this goal by maintaining a high state of readiness and providing crime prevention initiatives. Officers are driven to create a better atmosphere for greater learning and teaching, and are sworn to uphold and enforce all state and federal laws.

The police department is committed to public service to the students and staff of Aledo ISD, as well as the communities of Aledo, Anetta, Anetta South, Anetta North, Hudson Oaks and Willow Park. It has adopted a philosophy of candor, honesty and ethical behavior with each other and those it serves.

Jurisdiction, granted by the State of Texas, includes the entire Aledo school district and any property owned or leased by the Aledo ISD. Officers also perform regular patrol duties for all the Aledo campuses, provide a police presence for numerous extracurricular events and conduct various alcohol and drug prevention programs throughout our many schools.

Our officers are committed to serving and protecting the students and staff of the Aledo Independent School District.

Chawn Gilliland
Chief of Police


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