San Diego Police Department


The San Diego Police Department is proud to announce that a burglary ring that was responsible for up to 13 burglaries and at least 2 residences has been broken up. On August 10th 2006, the San Diego Police Criminal Investigations Division was able to obtain 4 felony warrants regarding burglaries of habitations and burglaries of buildings. Two San Diego men were locked behind bars at the San Diego Police Department.

At the San Diego Police Department, every police officer is responsible for his or her own follow up investigations. The criminal investigator oversees the cases, and ultimately, cases are closed because of the entire police department's cooperation. The San Diego Police Department is united and never divided.

The San Diego Police Department's traffic enforcement and interdiction officers have seized just over 15 vehicles since January 2006 regarding narcotics or human smuggling. On August 11th 2006, San Diego police officer Sylvestre Rodriguez pursued a vehicle through the backstreets of San Diego. The traffic stop had been initiated for traffic violations. The vehicle did not come to a stop or yield for the police officer until the vehicle crashed through a private fence, and up to 20 undocumented individuals abandoned the vehicles. "Human smuggling" operations are not uncommon around this part of Texas. Human smugglers have placed price tags on human lives, and these smugglers have a complete disregard for life or property.


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