Conway Police Department

About Us

The police department was established in 1996, however there have been many public servants here in the capacity of marshalls, nightwatchmen, etc.

We have one full time officer and have five reserve officers who are required to work two eight hour shifts per month. Requirements to be an officer with the City of Conway are the same as the Department of Public Safety require at the time of employment.

Our department and the Laclede County Sheriff's Department have a mutual aid agreement. The agreement was signed by Chief Labby and Laclede County Sheriff Richard Wrinkle. The agreement basically says that if county deputies are backed up on calls and our agency has an officer on that our agency will assist with calls outside of the City of Conway. This works well for our agency and balances us out since we do not have a full time department, and the county takes calls for service inside the city.

We have good working relations with the Laclede County Sheriff's Department and with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. We often assist or takes calls for service for the Highway Patrol when their officers are busy. We also have good working relations with the Webster County Sheriff's Department.

Our agency has interstate I-44 running through our city, as well as historic Route 66. Our population is around 800, with our public school population of around 1,000 students. It is said that we have approximately 3,000 people within a six mile radius of conway which travel through here from towns and cities such as Phillipsburg, Niangua, Morgan, Radar, Grovespring, Charity, Long Lane, Buffalo, Lebanon, etc.

We are located in Laclede County. However we are on the western edge of laclede County and our city borders Webster and Dallas counties.

Our department has two patrol cars, a 1995 Crown Vic and a 1998 Crown Vic. Both are equipped with radar. The 95 has a radar unit less than 2 months old, the 98 has one that is about 3 years old.


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