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Lincoln Police Department

Mission and Values Statement

The Lincoln Police Department is committed to setting the standard for providing professional law enforcement as a community service. To achieve this mission, we are committed to our core values:

Honor and Integrity

As Law Enforcement Professionals, we stand as pillars of honor and integrity, never wavering as we adhere to our community's morals and ethics.

Quality Service

We strive to go beyond what is expected of us in all aspects of our profession and work to ensure the services we provide are of unparalleled quality.

Teamwork and Innovation

Individuals working together toward a common goal, accompanied with long-term vision, effective use of technology, and controlled risks, will provide a pathway to continuing success.

Community Partnerships

Open communication with residents and businesses of the City of Lincoln are vital to our operational procedures to ensure we meet the individual requirements of our community and provide tailored service to the public.

Mutual Respect

We show respect to all persons and earn respect in return based on our fair and balanced treatment, not fear.


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